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Technical analyst is IX.. , CEO of IXtrading project. 17 years long experience in the trading field – FOREX. Analysing Bitcoin from 2012. Public production of technical analyses and market development of BTC/USD launched from 2016.

Institutional strategy and psychology is applied on the market prediction and development.

Conducting trading education project, so his analyses are targeted on information you can not find anywhere else.   Not only that he predicts the market development in a very reliable way, but also you have a unique opportunity to look inside of his head and so earn the experience of profesional trader..

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02.11.19 Technical analysis BTC/USD – To see inside the heads..

It has been more than a week since the last article came out. I was out for a week, traveling and so with limited possibilities. However, last week’s prediction follows[…]

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26.10.19 Technical analysis BTC/USD – Hope dies last..

Yesterday, when I spoke in the analysis of the hope that nothing was lost, that the support was not broken as a result and that Hidden Gap could turn it[…]

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25.10.19 Technical analysis BTC/USD – Still not so bad..

It’s not so bad yet. The price consolidates at the level of the closed Hidden Gap pattern, keeping it at the southern end of the support band. Although the creation[…]

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I am doing everything around technical analysis by myself. I am not an expert in english language, so my articles are translated for you by my precious wife.


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